The story of today

It has been such a long time since I sat down and wrote a post. It seems as though I have abandoned the thought of writing altogether. I have not. I have just been in seclusion. I have been in my own little world. I have been dealing with and trying to manage this thing we call COVID. I have been focusing on me, my life, my path. I have been taking time to unplug from the world. To unplug from the normal life everyone else is accustomed to. Actually, the normal life everyone else is accustomed to is not my life at all. I have always taken a COVID mindset. Social distancing has been my mantra for a very long time.

As I sit back and watch what is happening in the world, I find myself more and more amused by how much it has affected people. Not amused by the death and sickness but by how much people hate being with themselves in seclusion. How much people hate not being able to go to the movies or hang out on Friday night. I know we are a social animal and we need interaction, but I also know how it is to be at peace with oneself in seclusion. Spending time with me. Spending time with just my small circle. Taking time to spend at home fixing and working and doing the things that make me happy.

I wonder how much will change going forward. If we will ever get back to “normal” or if we will continue to live in this strange place where we dawn masks to go grocery shopping. Where a fist bump, once looked at as some sort of trendy way of saying hi, is now the normal thing. They have even taken it one step further to include the elbow bump. How it is so awkward to just say hi anymore. You can’t offer a handshake. You can’t offer a hug. It’s completely awkward and yet inside I find it a little funny.

I think we all need some time to actually reflect on what has transpired over the last 12 months. Some time to meditate on what is going on now. How we will move forward as a species, as humans. How the world will naturally change just as it did many years ago when 911 happened. We didn’t think it would change our world, but our world has changed drastically because of 911 and I think the same is going to be the case in the aftermath of COVID.

I’m not here to just talk about the pandemic though. I’m here to re-introduce myself to the world. To re-introduce myself to the pages and the text. The words that manifest inside of me. To re-introduce myself to myself.

I wanted to wish everyone a blessed new year, with new goals and new meaning. I wanted to let everyone know that no matter what is on CNN or FOXNews, that we are still humans. We are still trying to figure all of this out. Although we thought we had it all figured out. What we learn in the end is that we have nothing figured out. I would emplore all of you to take a step back if you haven’t already, and just sit with yourself, in silence, and just listen to your breath. Listen to the trees and the birds. Listen to the rain. Listen to your soul and find out what it is you want. Where you want to go. How you want to get there.

The world is an open blank page right now and it is a time of rebirth. It is a time to regain your footing and understand which direction really calls to your soul and spirit. A time to understand what is most important, and what is really irrelevant. A time of introspection. I hope you take the time for yourself. I know I am taking the time to understand what it is that really calls my spirit. I find more and more, it is really just simplicity.

Be safe and be bold.

Until next time.



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